AltCoinTrader (Pty) Ltd

Registration Number 2015/418624/07
Headquarters Roodepoort, Gauteng
Signatory Richard de Souza

Founded in 2015, AltCoinTrader is one of South Africa's oldest, largest and most trusted crypto asset exchanges. AltCoinTrader offers an extensive suite of over 37 trading pairs including 9 of the 10 largest market cap tokens available. We complement our breadth of tokens with a depth of additional value-enhancing products such as EasyBuy/ EasySell, crypto savings accounts, a decentralised exchange (, gold & silver tokenisation and xZAR (South Africa's oldest, fully collateralised and audited stablecoin pegged 1:1 with the South African Rand).

AltCoinTrader is committed to a clean crypto industry and is a fully registered accountable institution with the Financial Intelligence Centre.

Our shared vision and belief is that crypto is not a fad, but a life changing technology that will change the financial face of our planet. As a company we care deeply for the whole crypto community and are committed to providing excellent services at affordable rates. We are constantly assessing new products, services and partnerships to delight our clients and support our shared vision.

Arbatunity (Pty) Ltd

Registration Number 2019/631439/07
Headquarters Cape Town, Western Cape
Signatory Dietmar Rheeder-Kleist

Arbatunity provides an online trading service platform, performing arbitrage trading in the crypto space. In South Africa the local price of cryptocurrency is almost always higher than the price on international exchanges. Our Arbitrage engine enables every South African to participate in Crypto Arbitrage to take advantage of the higher local price by importing Crypto.

Our service portal will guide you through the steps and processes in order to participate in this trading. Through our advanced monitoring and automation of trading on the various Crypto Exchanges, your crypto is bought and sold at profitable margins at high speed. Its really safe. We never take custody of your money We only charge fees when you make a profit No subscription or once-off fees We do not rely on speculative trading We have been arbitrage trading since 2016

Using our service, you can expect to make between R100K to R200K per adult person per year.

BitFund (Pty) Ltd

Registration Number 2017/243104/07
Headquarters Johannesburg, Gauteng
Signatory Dean Joffe

BitFund is an online cryptocurrency investment platform that provides safe, easy, and compliant access to a wide range of cryptocurrency investments, through an offering of prespecified as well as customizable investment portfolios. Using inhouse proprietary technology, BitFund manages every aspect of these portfolios, including best execution of buying and selling across multiple markets, rebalancing, and safe storage of the underlying cryptocurrencies on behalf of our investors and institutional partners

Bitmart (Pty) Ltd

Registration Number 2017/027495/07
Headquarters Nelspruit, Mpumalanga
Signatory Jacques Serfontein

Bitmart was established in 2015 December and formally opened the first Crypto Mining Store in Africa May 2016. We supply Crypto mining hardware and build GPU Mining Rigs in South Africa. We are official Distributors of top brands like Bitmain - Antminer, Ledger, Trezor, Canaan - Avalon and many more. Bitmart has been voted the No 1 Crypto Mining Hardware store in SA and we proudly supply the Crypto Mining industry with top of the range and cutting-edge mining Hardware.


Registration Number 2020/012248/07
Headquarters Durban, KwaZulu Natal
Signatory Dion Samuel

Block Alpha (BA) is all about trading Crypto, simply, so that now, anyone can trade. Our method combines education, mobile apps and desktop dashboard, and trade signals, all using our simplified, tap, tap, trade method. We spend hours dissecting and analysing information, providing only high quality crypto trade signals. We put in the hard work, so you do the smart work. The Block Alpha Mobile App and Dashboard tool holds it all together, using pre-populated trading data paired to your exchange account. You can place a signal trade in 3 simple steps – tap, tap, trade. So, the convenience of our tool means you can execute your trade in just a few seconds. Crypto made simple.

Our Block Alpha initiative rests on 5 pillars

  • Demystify and simplify Trading
  • Training and education
  • Knowledge of industry
  • Simple interface and engagements
  • Market Analysis and advisory
In support of this, we developed a single view dashboard, which holds everything together. We recognised early, that the technology on its own could not solve all problems, so we added personal engagements to training and education, a community, and advisory functions.

BN Software Systems (Pty) Ltd trading as

Registration Number 2020/725480/07
Headquarters Cape Town, Western Cape
Signatory Hannes Wessels

Binance is the world’s leading blockchain ecosystem and cryptocurrency infrastructure provider with a financial product suite that includes the largest digital asset exchange by volume. Trusted by millions worldwide, the Binance platform is dedicated to increasing the freedom of money for users, and features an unmatched portfolio of crypto products and offerings, including: trading and finance, education, data and research, social good, investment and incubation, decentralization and infrastructure solutions, and more. For more information, visit:


Registration Number 2017/654/512/07
Headquarters Cape Town, Western Cape
Signatory Anton Teylingen

Headquartered in London, with offices in Cape Town, BVNK is on a mission to make banking and payments work for crypto - the crypto market has evolved fast, and traditional finance is yet to catch up. Operating a business in both crypto and fiat today is incredibly difficult, so we've built a business account specifically for crypto businesses, focussing on bridging the gap between fiat and digital assets, bringing payments, trading & custody, and banking to one single platform.

Cape Crypto (Pty) Ltd

Registration Number 2020/475679/07
Headquarters Cape Town, Western Cape
Signatory Leon Kowalski

Cape Crypto was founded in July 2020 and launched on the 5th of November 2020.

Formed out of a disillusionment with the state of the financial system and the immediate need for change, it's the perfect time to leverage the potential that a financial system built on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency could bring to the South African community.

Cape Crypto is a proudly South African Crypto exchange, OTC desk and arbitrage provider, built for South Africans. We have no plans of world domination, we are concerned only with our fellow South Africans.

When you use Cape Crypto, you support a South African Exchange, team, and company. We are local, and always will be based in Cape Town.

Centbee (Pty) Ltd

Registration Number 2017/014560/07
Headquarters Johannesburg, Gauteng
Signatory Angus Brown

Centbee is a digital payments company that uses blockchain technology to move money between people at fast speeds and low costs using their mobile phones.

The Centbee wallet is an easy-to-use app that enables people around the world to buy a wide range of important digital products using their BitcoinSV, and to send money to family and friends cheaply and quickly.

The Minit Money app enables immigrants to send money back home to East and West Africa safely and quickly, to mobile money and bank accounts, and cash collection.


Registration Number 2017/439541/07
Headquarters Jeffreys Bay, Eastern Cape
Signatory Michael Bernardt

ChainEX is a South African cryptocurrency exchange that provides a platform for South Africans to buy, sell and trade Bitcoin, Ethereum and other alternative cryptocurrencies using the South African Rand as the default fiat-buying currency. ChainEX provides secure, user-friendly and reliable trading. Sign up & start your trading journey today with over 40 different cryptocurrencies!

Chainlink Capital (Pty) Ltd

Registration Number 2018/626336/07
Headquarters Durban, KwaZulu Natal
Signatory Brenton Naicker

Chainlink Capital is a bespoke advisory and consulting firm with expertise across the Digital asset and Blockchain ecosystem. The founders experience spans across both traditional finance, at fortune 500 companies, as well as the world's largest Cryptocurrency firms. Our passion lies in providing a safe, simple, and expert route to all your goals in the rapidly expanding world of Crypto assets and Blockchain technology.

Coinstash (Pty) Ltd

Registration Number 2021/704943/07
Headquarters Cape Town, Western Cape
Signatory Dietmar Rheeder-Kleist

Coinstash is a South African Credit Provider (NCR Registered) that will be offering DEFI like crypto services providing ZAR credit facilities in exchange for Crypto deposits.

Credit will be provided on a 50% FIAT Loan to Crypto Value Ratio, with notifications and controls which will allow clients to manage their LTV ratio by either paying down their credit facility, or topping up with additional Crypto Collateral. The service will be accessible via our website and Application you can use on any device.

As we develop our platform, our roadmap will include other DEFI like features such as;

  • Interest on Crypto deposits – in some cases referred to as staking
  • Non Fungible Token functionality and minting
We aim to be live by the end of February 2022.

CryptoConvert (Pty) Ltd

Registration Number 2021/554727/07
Headquarters Cape Town, Western Cape
Signatory Carel van Wyk

CryptoConvert makes it safe and simple to accept crypto payments by leveraging the fastest crypto asset payments technology in the world: The Lightning Network. Enable Lightning fast crypto payments for your customers and receive next-day Rand settlement with full reconciliation.

CryptOut (Pty) Ltd

Registration Number 2018/532584/07
Headquarters Cape Town, Western Cape
Signatory Clifford Groenewald is a wholly-owned and run South African fintech start-up that is about to introduce a new crypto exchange and virtual wallet that represents an elevated level of customer-centric innovation. Launching towards the end of Q4 2022, will focus on security, simplicity, and convenience.

Currency Hub

Registration Number 2017/533623/07
Headquarters Cape Town, Western Cape
Signatory Andrew Ludwig

CURRENCY HUB is a consultancy and registered asset manager enabling qualified investors to trade in cryptocurrencies and alternative investments, powered by BLACK ONYX, a registered FSP (50850) equipped with FSCA (Cat 1+11) and SARB forex Intermediary licences (6176).
CURRENCY HUB specialises bespoke “pure-arbitrage” strategies by integrating their discretionary asset manager licence with their in-house forex intermediary and partnering with several OTC desks and exchanges.

Dark Wall Ventures

Registration Number 2020/611569/07
Headquarters Johannesburg, Gauteng
Signatory Paresh Daya

Dark Wall Ventures was born as a venture business in the depths of a chaotically changing world of finance and technology. The fourth industrial revolution has brought about immense opportunity to push the boundaries of business, products & services utilising emerging technology, however, this has come at a cost of additional complexity, uncertainty and the lack of resourcing.

Designed to work with clients across the SME, start-up and corporate sectors, our global reach allows us to provide services across multiple verticals – giving our clients holistic solutions within the fintech, digital asset, blockchain and crypto domains. Working across the value chain, we tailor the needs of companies and businesses from strategy, conceptualisation, business model creation through to execution & implementation and much more.

With a core focus on the capabilities of fintech & digital assets / blockchain, we deliver value to our clients across the following verticals: Strategic Advisory & Consulting, Technology Lab, Digital Asset Investments, Research & Education, & Digital Marketing."

DC Capital (Pty) Ltd

Registration Number 2019/498790/07
Headquarters Durban, KwaZulu Natal
Signatory Clinton Solomon

Custody Services for Digital Assets

Designed with an institutional mindset to provide highly secure and compliant solutions for digital asset custody and servicing. DC Capital works with institutional clients who require enterprise platforms and services for the custody of digital assets. We offer our services to:

  1. Crypto Asset Trading Platforms
    Our custody platform is designed to provide a range of hot and cold wallet solutions to meet exchanges' accessibility and security needs for the widest range of digital assets.
  2. Asset Managers and Brokers
    Our custody solutions are designed for asset managers so they can focus on managing their funds instead of worrying about how to safely secure, access, and trade their digital assets. Enables brokers and liquidity providers to store and trade digital assets on behalf of their clients.
  3. Banks
    Our custody solution is designed to meet the complex compliance frameworks of highly regulated banking institutions. Strict segregation of duty and customized bank-grade workflows. Seamless integration and interoperability with core legacy systems and technology.

Developer Hut

Registration Number 2015/099496/07
Headquarters Durban, KwaZulu Natal
Signatory Taylor Gibb

Description Pending

Digital Flyer

Registration Number 2018/350974/07
Headquarters Pretoria, Gauteng
Signatory Dewald Rosema

DigitalFlyer® is a community-focused business marketplace that offers a solution that can be used by any size business, from a start-up entrepreneur with no online experience to SME looking to market, promote, or sell its products, goods, or services. With the launch of our own blockchain rewards/loyalty token, CBT (Community Business Token) we are changing the way our community businesses do business.

Duppa and Duppa (Pty) Ltd

Registration Number 2019/178355 07
Headquarters Johannesburg, Gauteng
Signatory Neil du Plessis

Duppa & Duppa is an over-the-counter exchange providing 24/7 bitcoin exchange services. Every customer is assigned their own trading address, linked to their South African bank account. Whenever you send bitcoin to your address, payment is automatically done to your account.

There’s really nothing else like it.


Registration Number 2017 509537 07
Headquarters Cape Town, Western Cape
Signatory Ryan Aufrichtig

EA Capital (EAC) is an intermediary firm with two main divisions:

  1. Financial Services:
    Tradefi & Crypto/Digital.

    EAC has a CAT 1 intermediary FSP Licence (No 49425) regulated by the FSCA & is an Accountable institution with the FIC in SA.

    An established traditional international banking team together with a digital asset & blockchain technology team with a track record, experience, expertise & complementary skills.

  2. Blockchain Technology:
    EAC has the master authorised distribution licence with Binarii Labs ( for the African continent.

    Binarii Labs have so far developed two cybersecurity products with US and UK patents & are supported by the European Innovation Fund:

    1. Cyqur: A retail (Web 2 & Web 3) access credential system designed to enhance password and seed phrase security, together with custodian of last resort for digital wallet users.
    2. BinariiDMS: A B2B SaaS document management system that leverages blockchain technology for secure and transparent document handling.

Easy Crypto

Registration Number CK 95/51551/23
Headquarters Umthlanga Rocks, KwaZulu Natal
Signatory Brent Peterson

Founded in 2018 by Janine and Alan Grainer, with its headquarters based in New Zealand, Easy Crypto has quickly expanded to now operate in Australia, South Africa, and Brazil.

Our mission is to simplify the cryptocurrency experience - making it easy, accessible and understandable for everyone to get involved in. Crypto for Humans is the vision with a user-centered approach.

Easy Crypto’s values: We keep it simple, we make the path, have each other’s backs, collaborate and hustle together, empower each other to level up, and enjoy the ride wherever it takes us.

With offer 100+ different cryptocurrencies available from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and others. Our Services include:

  • Instantly buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies
  • Direct crypto swaps between your assets
  • Track the growth of your crypto with our portfolio
  • Automate your crypto investments
  • Earn crypto with our affiliates program
Safety and security of your assets is our priority. We do not store any funds or private keys, as the user remains in control of everything. We offer a 100% safety guarantee on all orders, with no hidden fees on our platform. Learn more at

Fivewest OTC Desk (Pty) Ltd

Registration Number 2020/573585/07
Headquarters Cape Town, Western Cape
Signatory Pierre van Helden

Fivewest is a Financial Service Provider with a mandate from the South African Reserve Bank to facilitate international payments. We currently facilitate international payments on behalf of our clients as well as hedging capabilities for Forex positions that arise from business operations involving foreign markets. We also hold an Payment Operator Systems license as well a NCR license to offer credit services Fivewest is driven by technology with a strong emphasis on Crypto Asset instruments that can play a key role in treasury management in Africa. Currently we offer a payment gateway service to retailers and institutions to allow their clients to pay with Crypto Assets (CAs). These CAs are immediately converted and settled in FIAT. Fivewest has proprietary software to ensure complete transparency and reporting for each transaction, as well as the necessary technology to ensure Crypto Asset positions are hedged at all times.

Future Forex

Registration Number 2020/032430/07
Headquarters Cape Town, Western Cape
Signatory Joshua Kotlowitz

Future Forex enables South African residents to invest in Crypto Asset Arbitrage effortlessly and safely while generating exceptional returns.

In 2017 our founders, Harry and Josh, discovered an arbitrage opportunity in the crypto asset space in their individual capacities. After quantifying the risks and identifying the regulatory restrictions involved, they began investing their own funds and enjoyed exceptional returns.

Following two years of refining their processes independently, Harry and Josh became aware of each other's success in crypto asset arbitrage. Motivated by their shared client-centric values, and empowered by their combined knowledge and complementary skill sets, they set out to remove the technical barriers associated with investing in Crypto Asset Arbitrage. Future Forex was thus founded with the aim of making the same low-risk, high-yield returns easily accessible to discerning South African investors.

After thousands of hours of development, research, experimentation, and meetings with compliance and legal experts, we have developed a streamlined service that is secure, consistently generates exceptional returns and, consequently, has left hundreds of investors smiling.

GreenCoin Technologies (PTY) LTD

Registration Number 2021/808267/07
Headquarters Centurion, Gauteng
Signatory Elard Erasmus

GreenCoin Technologies was established in August 2021. We invest in, manage, build & supply Crypto mining hardware in various forms to our clients. We are also passionate about renewable energy and want to change the world’s perspective on proof of work blockchains by promoting renewable energy within the Crypto mining industry. Our services include but are not limited to:

  1. Custom built GPU mining rigs
  2. Asic miners
  3. Flux nodes
  4. Helium miners
  5. Hosting all of the above
  6. Supply of solar energy equipment
  7. Supply of grid-tied or complete off-grid mining solutions.
We also run a community on Discord and other social media platforms to assist clients in setting up and keeping their mining operations up to date.


Registration Number 2020/773138/07
Headquarters Nelspruit, Mpumalanga
Signatory Jacques Serfontein

HODL OTC is an Over-the-Counter Platform where you can Buy & Sell Crypto in Bulk at super low fees and tight spreads.


Registration Number 2017/482633/07
Headquarters Johannesburg, Gauteng
Signatory Daniel Lifshitz

JDAX is an economic and financial infrastructure based on a decentralised architecture. It allows for greater equality and a reduction of inefficiencies within the financial and economic system. Using Blockchain technology, we created a user interface with fully integrated blockchain nodes and cryptocurrency wallet technology.

JDAX is a state of the art Digital Asset Exchange (DAX) platform. JDAX offers a healthy liquidity order book and a powerful matching engine to provide customers with a platform where they can immediately buy and sell digital assets; We have built a secure exchange that will provide access to financial systems to all the people of Africa.

Jaltech Digital Investments (Pty) Ltd

Registration Number 2018/212681/07
Headquarters Johannesburg, Gauteng
Signatory Derrick Hyde

Jaltech Digital Investments provide Digital Asset trade and execution services to corporate, institutional and high net worth individual clients.


Registration Number 900222
Headquarters Cape Town, Western Cape
Signatory Wiehann Olivier

Mazars is a leading international audit, tax and advisory firm. Operating as a united partnership, we work as one integrated team, leveraging expertise, scale and cultural understanding to deliver exceptional and tailored services in audit and accounting, as well as tax, financial advisory, consulting and legal services.

Within Mazars, we have built sector specialism and expertise to provide businesses in the crypto sector with audit, tax, accounting and advisory services. After realising the potential that the industry has, we invested ample time into truly understanding blockchain technology. This allows us to add real value to our current and prospective clients who operate in this unique industry as well as to provide stakeholders with the quality assurance represented by the Mazars brand.


Registration Number 2022/764591/07
Headquarters Johannesburg, Gauteng
Signatory Dale Russell

At Moore Blockchain & Digital Assets, we provide a full range of niche services tailored specifically for all industry participants. Our foundational pillars ensure that our offering is a single solution that is industry-specific and client-centric to the Blockchain & Digital assets market. We provide innovative solutions using blockchain-native technology tools to enhance the trust and transparency of digital asset service providers, asset-backed token issuers, and more. We enhance trust by enabling users to reconcile on-chain data, such as token supply or address balances, to off-chain data, such as fiat reserves or user platform accounts in real-time

Our services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Specialised Accounting and Audit Assurance
  • Taxation, Regulation, and Compliance
  • Risk Assurance and Advisory
  • Consulting and Transaction Advisory
  • Digital Asset Treasury Management
  • Custody and Wallet Setup
  • Auto Liquidation Scripts
  • Payment and Invoicing Solutions

Demand for high-quality business support services from independent firms, in this evolving industry, led Moore to establish its specialist Blockchain and Digital Assets practice. Industry participants need a firm staffed by experienced professionals who offer expert in-depth niche knowledge and expertise with technology solutions that deliver standards that are at the forefront of global best practices

Ovex (Pty) Ltd

Registration Number 2018/218598/07
Headquarters Cape Town, Western Cape
Signatory Tatenda Nhemachena

OVEX is a leading cryptocurrency exchange and OTC desk renowned for its zero trading fees and its yield-generating options.

ShariaCoin (PTY) Ltd.

Registration Number 2021/891603/07
Headquarters Johannesburg, Gauteng
Signatory Mohamed Ebrahim

At ShariaCoin, we're shaping a future of ethical finance guided by Islamic principles. Our Gold and Silver-backed Stable Value Currencies (SVC’s) and Investment NFTs, along with our Sharia-compliant proprietary gold and silver coin manufacturing, exemplify our commitment to financial equity and sharia-compliant investments.

Founded on trust, innovation, and Islamic principles, we're pioneers in the sharia-compliant cryptocurrency space, driven by our belief in blockchain technology's transformative power to serve the Global Muslim Community (Ummah). Our unwavering adherence to Sharia Law sets us apart, providing trusted, secure and compliant crypto asset solutions. We’re empowering individuals to engage in the digital economy whilst upholding their faith and values.

We're perpetually innovating to enhance the crypto experience for our clients. We value trust and remain at the forefront of ethical financial solutions for everyone as we expand our ecosystem.

Join us on a journey of innovation, ethics, and inclusivity as we co-create a brighter financial future for all of mankind.

Shiftly FX (Pty) Ltd.

Registration Number 2019/338591/07
Headquarters Somerset West, Western Cape
Signatory Carel de Villiers

Founded and launched in 2019, Shiftly offers South African residents an automated arbitrage trading service, enabling them to benefit from digital asset price differences between international and local markets. Digital assets generally trade at a premium in South Africa due to capital controls.

Our clients send their funds abroad by utilising their foreign capital allowances (SDA and/or FIA). Shiftly's proprietary software executes the arbitrage trades, and the clients capital and profit are returned to them after each trade.

Since our inception, we've committed to fully complying with all current and future regulations. Shiftly is a registered accountable institution with the FIC (Financial Intelligence Centre) and has implemented a robust Risk Management and Compliance Programme.


Registration Number 2016/469298/07
Headquarters Paarl, Western Cape
Signatory Dayle Wheeler

SmartCrypto’s vision is to make life safer by investing in cryptographic innovation and promoting economic trust in Africa and the 1Billion. This is done by making cryptography accessible to all enterprises at an affordable price. SmartCrypto’s core value offering is our trusted-intelligence that together with our global partners in a collective and collaborative network, are able to offer trusted-solutions with confidence.

Incorporated in 2016 with over 25 years of founder members’ experience, SmartCrypto has grown and expanded its Southern African footprint, providing trusted-solutions such as crypto storage, processing and encryption, key management, certificate automation, access control and public key infrastructure, along the lines of our golden thread.

The golden thread is a complete end-to-end key and certificate trusted-solution, that has been carefully put together for customers seeking to implement a zero-trust architecture. SmartCrypto’s service line can be deployed on-prem or in the cloud interchangeably, as no other solution can match the flexibility and capability to extend the crypto security domain over multiple and public clouds. Put your trust in SmartCrypto to take you to the cloud safely, providing one pane of glass for hybrid and multi-cloud environments for all your crypto needs.

Xago Technologies (Pty) Ltd

Registration Number 2016/081177/07
Headquarters Cape Town, Western Cape
Signatory Mark Chirnside

Xago moves money across the world highly securely, very quickly, at low cost and with CERTAINTY. These services are built on the XRP Ledger, providing a secure, traceable, and effective solution to all elements of the financial ecosystem.

Since inception, Xago has championed fair regulation of the crypto industry and works with the official financial regulators in South Africa (IFWG). Xago was first to implement what they believe will be the basis of crypto asset regulation to protect their clients when legislation is implemented.

Strategic partnerships and clients include banks, crypto exchanges, mobile operators, retailers, wholesalers, web merchants, payment solution services, commodity companies and business owners.

Xago Technologies was founded in 2016 by Jurgen Kuhnel, Sonya Kuhnel and Mark Chirnside to harness the power of mobile, retail networks and blockchain technology to play a crucial role in transforming the payment industry, particularly in Africa.