Who we are
The Crypto Asset Association of South Africa, or CAASA is an Industry Association representing the interests of both South African Crypto Asset Services providers and their clients.

Our vision
Our vision is to promote ethical and accountable self-governance for crypto asset service providers, working within the bounds of a fit-for-purpose regulatory framework, enabling the industry to realise its potential to transform South Africa through both economic and socio-economic benefits.

About Us

CAASA is mandated by its members to:

Promote Accountability & Self Governance– Through its core values and code of conduct, provide a common set of guidelines and professional standards to promote the integrity, fairness, and efficiency of the local crypto asset market.

Advocate – Advocate on behalf of its members, on legislation, regulation, and socio-economic issues that affect the industry.

Engage Industry Participants – Create a platform whereby members may collaborate directly with one another and engage the regulatory authorities or media with a ‘collective voice’.

Educate & Inform – Support the crypto asset sector through advocacy of specific policy positions in promotion of the vision, and share information through the collective knowledge of members as well as educating investors and the public about crypto assets.

Deter ‘bad actors’ – To play a pivotal role while supporting enforcement agencies and regulatory authorities in identifying and deterring bad actors and criminal elements from operating within, or benefiting from the local crypto asset market.

CAASA Core Values

Core values are what supports CAASA’s vision and mission, shaping its culture and reflecting the beliefs and behavioural traits that CAASA members project. The essential core values are:

Trust We understand the value of trusted relationships at all levels of society and the economy and strive to earn and keep the trust of all those with whom we interact.

Integrity We are honest in everything we do and take great care to maintain our integrity within our organization and in our dealings with others.

Collaboration We believe in the strength of enthusiastic cooperation and work to foster collaboration while guarding against collusion, within our sector and the wider community.

Fairness We conduct our business and treat our customers, partners, suppliers, employees and competitors fairly.

Respect We respect each other as individuals of equal value and we respect the right for members to share their views, even if we disagree with them.

Self-Regulation Members support CAASA’s self-regulatory Code of Conduct, including taking the appropriate measures to know their customers, maintain operational standards, and prevent financial crime.


To apply for membership:

(Please note, we are not a membership body for private crypto asset investors. All applications from private persons will be rejected at this stage)

Step 1: Please complete the membership application form
Step 2: Please sign the code of conduct and ethics
Step 3: Send your completed application to [email protected]

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Contact Us

If you have any inquiries please email them to [email protected]